Why You Need Muffins?

Muffin is a very popular bakery product among the people of Australia. Hence, you may find several English muffin suppliers in Australia. A few days ago someone added a comment on a very attractive healthy recipe for muffins, which really made me think: Do we really need Muffin?

That lady asked a very valid question; after showing that the muffins actually look scrummy, she asked why we need a muffin at all, of any description; why cannot we just eat dates, apples and carrots that were in them?

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It really made me think and I thought it was worth a mention!

My family and I do eat a lot of fresh food, as do many others, including such things as the date and carrots apples, some straight from our garden or a neighbor's garden. So, why do I eat a muffin?

The truth is that even though we adore fresh fruits and vegetables, we also like treats, some comfort food now and again – it's good for the soul! Nothing like the smell of freshly baked goods in the kitchen, he set a sense of life and eats the spoils incredible anticipation!

To my mind, treats can and should be healthy as well (with the odd exception to the rule), but still taste delicious. Now, delicious as apples, carrots and dates, they do not really comfort food, they are not the kind of thing you could expect to chew with a cup of fruit tea in the afternoon when you want an entertaining treat.