Why Regular Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning is Important?

Grease or fat has been used to treat wastewater from commercial kitchens for centuries. And almost every restaurant owner knows that restaurant grease should be cleaned every 30-90 days.

However, many restaurant owners are not worried about cleaning up the grease in the restaurant unless their oil is causing problems in the restaurant. Before your restaurant grease trap reaches this point, it's important to clean it. You can also take help from the grease trap cleaning services in Auckland.

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There are many benefits of cleaning grease traps in restaurants:

1. Prevent constipation

Regular cleaning of restaurant grease traps prevents clogged drains and avoids backflow problems. Cleaning the grease trap will remove this scale and sludge and ensure that the grease trap is working properly.

2. Keep it clean

Grease traps that are not properly cared for will overwhelm kitchen and bathroom sinks, creating an unhealthy, unwanted, and unsanitary work environment. Your restaurant staff won't stay long if they feel their health is in danger. 

3. Avoid expensive repairs

Another major benefit of regular cleaning of restaurant grease is that it avoids costly repairs. Installing a new grease trap or repairing a damaged grease trap is very expensive compared to cleaning it. 

4. Avoid environmental problems

Your restaurant grease trap is connected directly to the main sewer system to treat treated wastewater. If untreated wastewater containing MIST is discharged directly into the main sewer system, it can damage the main sewer system and cause problems at the local water treatment plant.