What is an RTE in SAFe?

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) has a Release Train Engineer (RTE). They ensure that the agile release train, which is a team of agile, works well together and follows the SAFe training processes.

An RTE is a servant coach and leader for an agile release train (ART), much like a scrum master for an agile team. They are able to apply agile and lean practices at scale.

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  • The facilitator of the SAFe event at the program level is the release train engineer
  • PI Planning – A meeting for agile teams to plan together for the next 8-12 weeks.
  • Demonstrations of the system – Teams present the integrated work of ART after each iteration.
  • ART Sync – A meeting with product managers, product owners, and scrum masters who participate in agile release trains.
  • Scrum of scrums & PO Sync – To facilitate large agile releases trains, the RTE would facilitate regular scrums of scrums' events. This is in place of having a regular ART Sync. It may also facilitate PO Sync events for the product manager and product owners.
  • Workshop on Inspecting and Adapting – This workshop shows the whole PI followed by a workshop on problem-solving to identify improvements in the process for the next.

Every day responsibilities

  • An RTE is required for agile release trains. This RTE will likely be full-time. Their day-to-day responsibilities are:
  • Coaching members of the agile release team, including scrum masters and business owners, the lean-agile mindset.
  • Assist the product manager in preparing for PI Planning. Make sure the vision, roadmap, and backlogs are all ready
  • Assist teams with feature estimation, aggregation, and calculation of estimates for larger parts of work like capabilities and epics.
  • Manage risks and dependencies, as well as resolve obstacles