What Is A Medical Detox for Alcohol and Drug Abuse

The explanation for a "medical detox" for alcoholism and drug addiction varies, and although you probably expect supervision by a qualified physician throughout the detox procedure, that isn't always the situation.

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You will discover the following variations of medical detoxification programs:

  • Outpatient treatment with repeat visits to a physician
  • Inpatient treatment in a rehab facility with an initial meeting and possible follow-up meetings with an on-call doctor
  • Inpatient treatment in a rehab facility that provides vitamin supplements in pill form or through IVs
  • Inpatient treatment in a psychiatric hospital or mental health clinic
  • Inpatient treatment in an upscale center that includes a customized treatment plan for utmost safety and comfort, with on-staff physicians, round-the-clock ICU-level nurses, cardiac and video monitoring 24/7, and private rooms.

What Is A NON-Medical Detox?

A non-medical detox usually does not include interaction with a physician during the detoxification phase. Rehab facilities providing non-medical detox may try to control withdrawal symptoms with natural alternatives such as meditation, vitamins, saunas, and yoga.

For some individuals, this type of program will not provide the level of comfort needed during the first days or weeks without alcohol or drugs. For those individuals, going "cold-turkey" can be frightening, painful, and even dangerous. The success and safety of a non-medical detox depend on the individual's physical condition and how long they have been abusing alcohol and drugs.