What Does A Notary Do

Many people may not be sure of what a notary does. A notary is a person who is an official who has taken an oath and is bound by the Secretary of State. Getting to a notary public can vary slightly depending on the state, but is fundamentally very similar from state to state.

The most common task or transaction carried out by a notary is supervising the signing of documents, which is usually referred to as document executor. 

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The notary verifies that the person present and signing the document is who they say they are. 

To confirm the identity of the person, a notary verifies the identity of the person with a photo. They will also confirm that the person who signed the document or documents fully understands what he or she is signing and is not being coerced (or coercive).

Notaries work independently and are expected to act according to their knowledge and comply with state laws. If a notary suspects that the signer does not understand what he is signing, that he is "fooled" or coerced, that he is unreasonable, the notary must refuse the notary. 

Notaries thus serve the purpose for which their activities are created, the protection of the general public.

The notary can also state that the signatory has taken an oath to confirm the authenticity contained in the deed; better known as affidavits.