What Do You Understand By Web Scraping?

Web scraping is the process of using bots to extract content and data from a website. It requires a lot of effort in order to get optimum results.

This task of data scraping can be done effortlessly with the help of data scraping or web scraping software. There are various sites that may provide you with software and tools for data scraping, but if you are in search of a reliable one, you may check this out.

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Unlike screen scraping which is just a copy of pixels displayed on the screen, web scraping extracts the underlying HTML code and, with it, the data stored in the database. Web scraper then can replicate the entire contents of the website in other places.

Web scraping is used in various digital businesses that rely on data or information. Legitimate use cases include:

  • Search engine bots to crawl on your site, analyze its contents and then rank it.
  • Price comparison websites that deploy bots to fetch price and product descriptions automatically to the seller's website.
  • Market research companies use scrapers to pull data from forums and social media (e.g., for sentiment analysis).

Web scraping also is used for illegal purposes, including underestimating the price and the theft of copyrighted content. Online entities targeted by the scraper can suffer severe financial losses, especially if the business is very much dependent on a competitive pricing model or bidding in the distribution of content.