What Are The Most Common Effects Of Ketamine Abuse

People who deal with panic attacks, anxiety problems, or other psychological disorders, often take medication to deal effectively with their condition. One of the most known and commonly used drugs is Ketamine, which was developed and introduced in the sixties. 

The constant and long term use of this drug can cause addiction or other side effects. Ketamine is a mild drug that is used in low doses but can be extremely dangerous in high doses. You can buy liquid ketamine for sale via online source anytime.


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It can cause paralysis or psychedelic disorders, so many professionals feel that the effect of ketamine is similar to that produced by harsh drugs such as heroin or cocaine. Among the known ketamine effects also include tachycardia,  nystagmus, nausea, vomiting, or anaphylaxis. 

Ketamine abuse cases can be seen in or those who are addicted to the substance. Typically, the patient's blood pressure increases quickly and arrhythmia and conciseness of breath or severe headaches may also occur. 

If you see any of those symptoms, you should call the doctor immediately; In many cases, the effects can also be fatal, although in the majority of cases they cause painful stress and fear for the patient who does not seem to know what is going on, in fact much happens. 

Although ketamine is a very well-known and useful drug, it should be administered by a professional so that ketamine abuse and similar conditions can be avoided.