West Hollywood Is The Best Place To Live

The West Hollywood City Council hosts a monthly Art Walk, where all the galleries are open and art is displayed in public spaces. Visitors can walk through neighborhoods, with artists displaying their work on the side of buildings or in front of shop windows.

There are also several art fairs and street performers who perform throughout the event. The arts have been a mainstay of West Hollywood since its founding; there are multiple galleries throughout the city and almost every home has a mural on the outside wall. 

West Hollywood is the most gay-friendly city in Los Angeles County according to LGBT groups. For more information about The west hollywood city, you can explore this linkThe city is known for its gay nightlife, bars and restaurants. West Hollywood’s Gay Pride Parade, the largest in the United States, occurs annually in June.


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The community has a long history of supporting the arts; there are numerous galleries in town that feature local artists. There are also several theater companies, opera performance houses and festivals throughout the city.

In addition to its active LGBTQ community, West Hollywood is also home to many alternative communities including: bohemians, hippies, rockers and street performers.The Victorian House Museum has a collection of antique furnishings from numerous local homes and has organized tours for visitors. 

The museum is located in the Hollywood Community Building at 7018-D Waverly Place on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. (646) 993-8687This “hippie mansion” was built in 1910 and became a very popular place to live among the Bohemian community of the 1920s, including poet Allen Ginsberg, who wrote many poems about “Jack Kerouac” who lived here as well.

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