VoIP Monitoring Made Easy

For businesses, moving to VoIP is a big investment. Infrastructure, equipment, and networking cost money. Whether these fees amount depends on how your company ultimately uses your VoIP service.

You need to know how to make the most of it. The first step is to create a support system that will ensure your VoIP system functions optimally – especially here is monitoring your VoIP.


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VoIP monitoring is a requirement if you want to take advantage of the benefits and savings of digital telecommunications. With consistent and continuous testing – which is monitored continuously and regularly – you can predict and fix service issues before they impact your business every day.

Remember, VoIP quality depends on the performance of your network – and your network performance depends on server downtime, hardware issues, and network traffic. They affect your overall goal of having good VoIP service all the time.

There are several alternatives here. You can invest in expensive solutions like AppNeta. The fees here can be expensive. You will also need to invest in additional manpower and maintenance.

VoIP monitoring makes assumptions about how your VoIP service is performing with your network. When you rely on digital communications, you want to be informed about visible damage and business disruption.

You'd want to be sure that you remain accessible to your clients and partners all the time. 24/7 connectivity and little or no voice quality impairment are what you'd want in a VoIP and network service.