Vaping as a Catalyst for Smoking

Electronic cigarettes do not get thrown away following a few puffs making it more green and eco-friendly. E-Cigarettes also do not require a lighter because they don't involve burning anything. Therefore, no smoke is formed.

Choose a customizable vaporizer.

If you are looking for more "throat hit", you can choose a higher nicotine level or go with a vaporizer that includes a dual coil atomizer and an adjustable voltage on the battery. You can also choose disposable vape pen in Canada online.

This lets you customize your vaping experience. Also, going with a PG based e-liquid gives greater "throat hit" and better flavor whereas a VG based e-liquid is for those who are sensitive to PG and tends to produce more vapor.

Remember, vaping is not the same thing as smoking.

Vaping is different than smoking. You will no longer reach for a lighter, look for an ashtray, or scurry outside for a break. You will find a new routine. You may need to try different nicotine levels and flavors to be satisfied, but a cigarette will never taste good again. Some vapers have even eliminated nicotine altogether and only choose flavored e-liquid with zero nicotine.

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