Uses of Hydraulic Motors

Hydraulic motors are used in applications that require some form of rotational force, or torque. This type of hydraulic motor pushes the piston, vanes or gears to transform the hydrostatic energy into mechanical energy.

Overall power capacity of each hydraulic motor to be dictated by the speed of rotating and displacement. You can use a high pressure wheel hydraulic motor which is of best quality. 

Common usage for hydraulic motors:

Industrial applications

These hydraulic motors are often used in industrial applications and coupled with their resistance to environmental extremes including submerged, at high heat, extreme cold or dusty areas makes them the perfect solution. 

They are generally used for electric rolling mills, augers, mixers and conveyors. hydraulic motor can be large enough for the injection molding machine power or small enough for jewelry of power or high-speed dental drill.

Car Engine

Most of the equipment moving from highway use hydraulic motors to drive their major. Because the motor is capable of delivering the power of earth moving or torque in a small system they often prefer an internal combustion engine. 

They can also be used in hydraulic / hybrid drive systems like this can be used to absorb energy from the drive wheels and distributes energy to improve performance.