Try Fun Math Games With Pack Of Cards

Are you looking for a way to get kids to practice math skills? You can use commercial math games, but they can be expensive. 

For a fun math toy game that kids can use to practice addition or multiplication, just grab a card set and you're good to go.

fun card games to play

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Yes, believe it or not, there are a number of math games in this card game. To get started, try this out, then try making your own. You can practice adding, multiplying, comparing numbers, and many other math skills.


This game is the ideal way to practice. Use a deck of cards with suit cards removed. Ace counts for one. Give all cards to all players. Each player turns over the cards at the same time and the two numbers are multiplied together. If the answer is under 30, players under 30 get a card. If more than 30, the player keeps more than 30 cards.

If the answer is exactly 30, each player takes their card back and places it back on their deck. If all cards have been played, the winner is the person with the most cards.

The biggest number

Kids will love this fun math game that includes comparing numbers. Only use aces for this game. Then select the number of digits to be used in the numbers for this game, eg. Two-digit numbers such as 24; 3 digit numbers such as 713.

This number of cards is distributed to each person. The players arrange their cards so that they form as many numbers as possible with the cards dealt. The player with the highest number in each round wins one point. The winner is the player who wins the most points.