Time For Bed So Take Your Sleeping Pill

For most of us, a prescription pill is a concrete symbol of modern medicine. One-third of the population experiences sleep problems, and half of the amount to be sufficiently motivated by their plight to take their problems to the doctor.

Nothing I have ever read recommends the use of best sleeping pills for anything other than a short term solution to a sleeping problem.  

Time For Bed So Take Your Sleeping Pill

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Ask your pharmacist, and you will find that many people take sleeping pills for long periods. Why are these people being prescribed this drug for an extended time? Perhaps the answer is that their doctors are aware there is no acceptable solution other than to dispense sleeping pills. Doctors know their patients have to sleep.

Also, only sleeping pills for insomnia effective enough and do not help insomniacs become normal sleep. Sleeping pills also fail to treat the cause of insomnia. Because they treat only the symptoms of insomnia, improving sleep can only be temporary, thus perpetuating the cycle of insomnia and sleeping pills.

 Insomnia can end up being much worse than if the drug is cut. Sleeping pills are not the answer to chronic insomnia.

However, sleeping pills can be a trap that increases the feeling of dependence, lower self-esteem, and guilt. You finally have to address two issues of stress: insomnia and dependence on sleeping pills.