The different types of accountants


There just isn't a financial accountant but many others too, depending upon the requirement. Here are a few other types of accountants and their duties:

  1. Auditors –They should usually have their certified public accountant degree.The role an auditor plays is preparing financial records and reports, examining the level of financial risk and failure, assists and investigates the company's economic operations. 
  2. Forensic accountant –They have also studied up until their certified public accountant degree. They audit for fraud, declaration of financial wrongdoing, bankruptcy, can testify as an expert witness in the house of law. Prepare data for a lawsuit and much more. 
  3. Corporate accountant –They usually certified with a bachelor's degree.They assess and prepare monetary records and statements, analysing and planning a budget, oversee the accounting staff and make sure there's financial stability.
  4. Management accountant – They need to be studied up to their certified public accountant degree. They analyse and outline monetary performance, look for and suggest business opportunities, oversee the funding for the company, etc.
  5. Staff accountant –Need to be done with their Bachelor's degree. They manage the collection, fixed assets, accounts payable and receivable. They execute the month-end journal and general ledger reconciliation.
  6. Tax advisor –They need to have a bachelor's degree. A tax advisor stays updated with the current tax law, he administers investigation and audits. 

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