Stunt Scooters – Questions and Answers

Stunt scooters can be intimidating for new riders. You will likely have many questions about extreme sports such as where to ride, how to perform tricks, and how to improve your skills.

If you're interested in learning more about stunt scooters, pro scooters, trick scooters, here are some common questions.

Question: Which is better, a reinforced threaded or a threadless fork with a compression system in the scooter?

Answer: Threaded forks are thinner because the threads cut into the fork, making it less strong. Threadless forks also have more contact areas for clamping, creating friction that holds your bars to the forks and increasing durability. These are the main reasons why threadless forks have compression systems.

Question: What is the meaning of the word "alley-oop"?

Answer: An Allyoop is when your scooter gets air from a quarterpipe and spins in the opposite direction.

Question: How long does the process take to master the sport?

Answer: Stunt scooters can be mastered quickly compared to other hobbies such as skateboarding and BMXing. After a few months of practice, you should be able to do some pretty impressive tricks.

Question: Where can you learn to ride the scooter?

Answer: Stunt scooter riding is easier when you are around other riders or friends. So, head down to your local skatepark or Google and find out where it is.