Are You Buying a Tripod?

Using a tripod is essential when taking photos – and not just for night shots. To get ultra crisp and sharp pictures, your camera cannot move at all when the shutter is open. In some circumstances, even the tiny movements your hand makes are enough to make a slightly blurry image. The best way to ensure your camera does not move is to use a camera tripod or other camera stand.

A simple hold of the camera in one's hand can produce sharp images on sunny days and when you use a fast shutter speed. There's another reason to use a tripod for these situations. 

The tripod allows you to slow down and think more deeply about the shot that you are about to take. You'll be able to compose your image more accurately and end up with a great shot because you are more focused.

Different types of camera stands

Tripod: The tripod is a three-legged stand that attaches directly to your camera's mount. This mount is the most popular. It allows you to remove your hands from your camera and keep it in place.

Monopod: This stand is a variation of the tripod. It only has one leg. The monopod helps reduce camera shake by stopping the camera from moving up or down. You can also support your camera and yourself against a sturdy object, such as a light pole, to add stability.