Partnering The Right Food And Wine

There are many mysteries surrounding what foods and wines you should or should not put it together and wine newcomers can often feel intimidated by the wide variety of choices on the restaurant menu.

Will the sommelier or wine waiter laugh if your decision goes 'wrong'? If you are unsure about which wine will pair well with the food you have chosen, you do not feel embarrassed to ask the waiter came to his suggestion. You can know about WSET certified courses at

Many restaurants have a good value, but the quality of the wine decent house, so ask whether a white or red house will go well with your meal. Remember, the waiter is there to ensure that your experience is pleasurable hoping you return.

As simple to follow guide that is fairly easy to generalize and suggest that red wines pair well with red meats such as lamb or beef. The guts, the most intense flavors in red wines can face heavier meats.

In general, white wines are well suited to lighter dishes such as chicken or fish or vegetarian dishes. While sweet white wines are natural partners for puddings and desserts.

Rosé wines generally combine well with light dishes in a similar way to white wines. Usually, they are not as heavy as red and cannot cope with the great flavors of the game and red meat. However, they make a nice alternative to roses with white and Californian food dishes typically in summer.