Call Center Performance – Know The Profitability Measures

Providing exceptional customer service is always an important initiative for companies and is especially important during a period of economic downturn. But how can you provide that "Five Star" service when you are being asked to cut back on budgets and heavily reduce agents' headcount, all while selling more.

The bottom line is that anything less than a great customer experience can be detrimental to your organization. During tough economic times, existing customers are more critical than ever. You can also choose the best quality assurance at

Your company will likely start cutting Marketing, Sales, and PR budgets generating fewer new customers. This means that retaining your existing customers is more important than ever.

Profitability Measures

Rate of Conversion

The success of call centers depends on the growth of the organization they work for. How many leads have been translated into sales, is the measure of their real success and actual performance.

Up-Selling and Cross-Selling

How much value have your agents added to your clients? These value-added services add as an advantage along with generated revenue in the kitty of your client.

Costing as per one Call

This is a critical and bottom-line measure to calculate the efficiency and workload stamina of a call center. How much effort, facility, money, and labor you have put in one call and what you are getting back out of it can be a real eye-opener shot for any call center which boasts about success.