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The content networks, especially Google's contextual network, have made a dramatic turn for the better in recent months.

Google's content network has been around for a while and most search marketers have at least tested it, possibly even found a few ad groups here and there that have been effective, but for the most part, the content network has not been a big part of advertisers online media spend or source of new business… Until Now!

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We have both lead generation and eCommerce clients driving significant new business through Google's Content Network, and that's right I said eCommerce.

For the savviest of marketers, they have known for months now that the content network was much improved but most of the documented success was for lead gen.

However, in recent months our eCommerce clients have started to see vast improvements to a point where some product categories have a greater ROI on the content network as compared to search.

So what happens, well here are th reasons your content should be increased dramatically lately:

Transparency- In recent years, even just a few months ago, there was almost zero transparency in the placements in contextual networks. But that has changed with the introduction of PPR reports in Google. Now you can easily identify all sites that drive impressions, clicks, and sales.

Empowerment – Not only does Google provide you this transparency but you are now empowered as an advertiser to do something with the data. Google offers the ability to either exclude an underperforming website or to actually try and attract more traffic from a converting website through site targeting. Site targeting allows you to dominate the ad space for a targeted website.