Things You Don’t Know About Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is a type of concrete that has been finely polished. This makes the surface of the concrete more smooth and uniform, which makes it easier to paint or seal.

Polished concrete is sometimes used in areas where durability is important, such as walkways and patios. It can also be used in high-traffic areas, such as airports and shopping malls because it is easy to clean.

polished concrete

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Main Types of Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is a type of concrete that has been polished to a high shine. It is used as a surface for various projects, such as walkways, floors, and walls.

Polished concrete can be divided into two main types: honed and buffed. Honed Polished concrete is made by taking a rough surface and polishing it to a high shine. Buffed polished concrete is made by taking a smooth surface and polishing it to a high shine.

How to Polish Concrete:

1) Polishing concrete can improve its appearance and make it easier to clean.

2) Polishing concrete can help to reduce the risk of Crete cracking.

3) Polished concrete is stronger than untreated concrete.

4) Polished concrete is less likely to produce noise when moved or bumped. 

If you are looking for a flooring option that will last and look great, polished concrete is a good choice. It is affordable, easy to maintain, and highly resistant to corrosion.

The Ongoing Beauty Of Polished Concrete

Concrete is often thought of as grey concrete that is laid in parking lots and used for building many buildings. It is possible that you have seen concrete floors and thought it was granite or marble because of their high reflectivity and beautiful coloring. The floor was concrete, not granite or marble.

Yes. In the past twenty years, polishing concrete has become a more popular skill. Many architects now specify polished concrete floors for new buildings. It can almost be used anywhere including shopping malls, railway concourses, and airports. If you also looking to have polished concrete at your home then contact us today.

Styles Of Polished Concrete Floors

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Diamond polished concrete floors can be polished to any shine you desire, even to a mirror-like appearance with a lot of reflectivities. Pouring concrete, then covering it with temporary covers while it cures to create a diamond-polished concrete floor. The process can take up to 28 days, but it may take longer if the temperature is colder.

A chemical densifier is often added after the first grinding pass. This hardens concrete even further. A chemical densifier is added to concrete. It penetrates the concrete very deeply and causes a chemical reaction that creates a byproduct that fills all the concrete's pores. This helps to harden the concrete and reduces pitting.

Concrete slabs can produce free lime during curing. This is calcium carbonate and when it reacts with the concrete densifier a product is formed which is calcium-silicate-hydrate gel. This crystal is very dense and forms a continuous layer. This chemical reaction binds concrete and densifier together, making it much more difficult than it was before.

A final coat of sealant can also be applied to floors that are likely to be exposed for prolonged periods to oils, fats, and water. This will increase its resistance to such spillages. This can be used to enhance the concrete's color and reflectivity, as well as its overall beauty.