Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags

For those of us who own dogs, especially those city dwellers, there is a common problem that we all face on a daily basis. Dog waste disposal is not only the requirements of responsible pet ownership but in many cities, it is the law.

The idea of putting something that is 100% biodegradable plastic bags seems less of earth-friendly. Some of the plastic bags can take up to 100 years to degrade, this is not a solution. There are many companies that provide biodegradable poop bags online.

Clearly the best solution is to take out the garbage and flush down the toilet, but modern life often does not allow us the luxury. There is no reason to put a naturally biodegradable waste to landfills already overfull us. The solution is biodegradable dog waste bags.

The green movement finally had to defecate and now green manufacturers create completely biodegradable bags that look, feel and work like traditional plastics. This bag does not contain polyethylene, a common ingredient in plastic bags real.

Instead of making bags of polyethylene virtually non-degradable, green innovators create biodegradable bags of dog waste from corn starch.

Dog owners now have several options for waste disposal. Waste and bag can now be used on the back page of your compost pile where both items will decompose naturally. It can be buried where both the bag and the waste will be eaten by microorganisms.

Trash also can be left for curbside pickup if your community has such an option, many do and more provide options for their residents. If you have not, contact your local government official and asked when curbside compost pickup may be available.