Martial Arts Training Equipment – How to Set Up a Martial Arts Training Dojo in Your Own Home

No matter what style of martial art you train in, it is a good idea to have your equipment’s own martial arts training, so you can practice on a regular basis from the comfort of your own home.

If you want to be the best in your style of martial arts, it is very important that you practice regularly, and one of the best ways is to set up your own home gym, or dojo. You can also look for the best and top-ranked personal protective equipment via

The great thing about setting up your own home gym is that you can practice whenever you want, any time of day.

Make your own home dojo can be expensive, so you can also get creative and find things around your house to use, or you can start slowly and training equipment purchases you can afford it. I have listed a few items that will help you to make the house a large dojo to train.


The first thing you need is to find a good location to set up your home gym. Some great places to set up a gym would be a spare room in the house, garage, backyard, or in the basement if your home if you have one.

If the location you choose has a hard floor you will need to get some martial arts mat to train and stretch. You will want to get some good mat so you do not risk injury.

Another great item to have in your home dojo is a mirror. A full-length mirror is a great tool to help you train and develop your skills. Having a mirror allows you to see whether you are using the correct form.

Listed below is some of the equipment that I think is a very important item to have to help you train.

  • Punching Bag or Heavy Bag:  They will help to improve technique, speed, and power to both punching and kicking.
  • Bag speed helps to increase speed and time.
  • Double Bag End: a great tool to increase your time and accuracy.
  • Boxing Bag Gloves- to protect your hands while punching bag.
  • Kettle Ball:  to improve your strength.
  • Direct Rope- for conditioning

Another great item to have but definitely not a priority was the wall of guns, they are a great way to save, and display of weapons and equipment training.