A Brief About Paragraph Comprehension ASVAB

It is a Paragraph Comprehension subtest containing 15 ASVAB questions that have an overall time limit of 13 minutes, which equates to approximately 51 seconds per question. There are four kinds of questions with the subjects that will often be inaccessible due to the design.

Prepare yourself to answer the below ASVAB type of questions:


  1. The Main Concept

  2. Information

  3. Inference

  4. Vocabulary and its context

The passages may be long or short, and multiple questions will usually be asked in one passage. Even those who are fast readers must implement a strategy to increase the chance of success on this Paragraph Comprehension subtest. To clear your queries on paragraph comprehension test – andy's asvab class. It is a good option to give a paragraph comprehension test from Andy’s ASVAB Class for the best results.

paragraph comprehension asvab

It is important to rely on the information contained in the passage, not the information you believe you know about the topic or what you feel about the subject. The answer is right there, but it's not readily available. Be sure to stick with the facts and the information clearly implied by the text.

If you're slow to read and are unable to read quickly, you may be facing trouble on your Paragraph Comprehension subtest. The strategies mentioned earlier can certainly assist you in increasing your score on the test but you're likely to need to improve your reading speed in order to score very well in this section.

It is recommended to set aside one hour each day for leisure reading. You could read a magazine or newspaper, books or web-based articles. It doesn't matter as much about what you read, but the frequency you read. You can even do exercises like paraphrasing an article or having a person ask you for details on the article after you have read it.