How To Choose Dance Lessons For Kids?

dance classes are offered for children aged 3 or 4 years. However, these classes tend to focus more on dancing for fun and teach basic coordination skills rather than developing any real technique. They also may require parents to participate with the child.

Typically, at age 5, most children can begin to learn the techniques. Your child must be able to pay attention, follow directions and handle mild criticism. Most instructors encourage children to begin with a ballet class, as studied ballet translates fundamental to all forms of dance.

You can also decide to wait until your child expresses an interest in dance. Many studios offer introductory dance classes are divided by age and skill level.

Best Dance Classes For Kids

Most dance studios class divide them by age and level of ability. For example, many dance studios offer some sort of pre-ballet introductory class for children ages 3 to 5. This type of class focuses on developing coordination skills and fitness, introduced a dance vocabulary, and create a pleasant atmosphere in which children can learn to love to dance.

These sessions can last anywhere from a half-hour to a full hour, and they usually meet once a week.

The next level of classes is usually geared towards children between the ages of 5 and 8. These classes are more structured. They began teaching dance technique fundamentals, physical coordination, and musicality. These classes may also introduce varieties in addition to ballet dance, such as jazz and tap. Classes for these ages and skill levels usually meet once or twice a week and last from an hour to an hour and a half.

After age 8, children are usually divided into classes based on their skill level. Class becomes more structured, usually focusing on one style of dance only. Children who are serious about dancing is encouraged to take more than one dance class per week to hone their skills. They can take a number of classes, including ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap and modern. Class, which can be very intense, it can last from one hour to two hours or more.

What should You look for when choosing a dance studio?

Before you choose a dance studio, figure out exactly what your expectations child to get out of her dancing lessons. What is most important about dancing? Having fun? Learning the proper technique? Compete? If your children think of dance as a hobby, look for a more informal studio that puts little emphasis on competition and performances.

If your child shows the passion and skill to dance, however, you might want to look into a more technical dance school taught by credentialed instructors.