What To Do If The Network SSID Of Your Range Extender Is Hidden?

In this article, you will come to know the steps to fix network SSID hidden issues on Netgear Genie extender.

  1. The extender will not detect the router’s hidden SSID.
  2. Wait for the range extender to get started after turning it on.
  3. The default SSID of the Extender should be connected to a wireless client device. This will allow you to launch New Extender Setup in your respective browser.
  4. Then, users have to set up a new account to configure the extender and then search for the ‘Next’ option.
  5. Welcome screen named Netgear genie will appear, then click on wifi range extender to start the process of setup. This will force you to scan current wireless networks that are in range.
  6. The SSID of your router may remain hidden. You have to look for “Manually input my wireless SSID” option and hit ‘next’.
  7. Then, you have to enter your router’s SSID in Network Name (SSID) box. The same security option has to be selected as selected for the extender. If required, then enter the password. Then click ‘Next’, which will initiate network connection.
  8. When the router and the extender get connected successfully, you will be prompted to set the SSID and password for the extender.
  9. Lastly, to finish up the process, the user can start connecting the client devices using a Wi-Fi username and password.