What Are the Best Treadmills For Workout?

The electric folding treadmill features an aluminum frame and casters. The motor is a powerful 2.5 HP High Performance Treadmill that allows you to do quiet, continuous, and speedy movements silently, so you can make sure walking, jogging, and running indoors at a comfortable speed range of 1-4KM/h is easy and comfortable. This treadmill features Indoor/Outdoor Display and Smart Electronic Speed Controls. The folding treadmill comes with a carrying case and a non-skid pad. The folding treadmill is also very light.

The Progression Treadmill is very similar to the Progression Plus with its aluminum frame and casters. However, this treadmill has some unique features which set it apart from other treadmills in the market. It offers the optional Smartech heart rate monitor strap, which helps you keep track of your heart rate while exercising. Other optional features include Super Sonic 3.2HP motors, and optional Womax air filter for optimal cardio performance. The foldable treadmill is available in five colors.

The Stamina 16500 is a mid-priced treadmill. It is equipped with many of the same features as the Progression Treadmill with the added bonus of an indoor console that offers real-time workout stats. It also offers the optional Power Wizard Displays kit to show an indicator of your heart rate during your workout. The warranty on the treadmill is limited to one year. It is not portable.

The power treadmill is a high-end treadmill with all the right features and the drive to make it a worthwhile investment. It is perfect for any avid fitness enthusiast or professional gym member who wishes to be constantly pushing themselves through rigorous workouts. While the design and features are comparable to higher-end treadmills, it is priced to start at just $150 more. The Treadmill is equipped with several preset workouts and intensity levels. There is also a special heart rate monitor built into the console.

The Stamina 16500 is another mid-level treadmill with an aluminum frame and casters. It is more affordable than some of the higher-end treadmills. It has all the same workout modes as the Progression Treadmill. It has the optional Smartech heart rate monitor strap. The warranty on this treadmill is limited to one year.

This treadmill is another mid-level offering that retails for just under two hundred dollars. It comes with a nice big front console with six preset workout programs and an incline to increase your heart rate. It also has a cool electronic "throttle" that helps you to vary your workout with preset settings. It has many of the same features as the Progression treadmill mentioned above.