Signs and Symptoms of Asthma

Most people with asthma have warning signs before symptoms ever appear. The warning signs are not the same for everyone. Even the warning signs of your own may vary from time to time. By learning what your warning signs, you can start treatment sooner. It can keep you from having a serious asthma attack. Some warning signs of asthma or an asthma attack signs listed below.

Asthma is divided into few broad categories or "levels" as mention below:

Intermittent Level: This is the least serious level of asthma. A person is considered in this level when they show symptoms of asthma are not more than two times a week and did not wake up at night with asthma symptoms more than twice a month. If you are looking for best asthma medications list app then you can explore various online sources.

At this level, asthma attacks can last from several hours to several days, but there are no symptoms of an asthma attack. Between asthma attacks peak expiratory flow or "PEF" normal or varied less than 20%. PEF is a measure of the flow of air into your lungs. A peak flow meter is used to get a reading PEF.

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Mild persistent: A person at this level has asthma symptoms more than 2 times a week but not every day, and must evening asthma symptoms more than twice a month. At this level, an asthma attack can slow down your daily activities. PEF reading will vary by 20% to 30%.

Moderate persistent: A person at this level has asthma symptoms every day and has a night asthma symptoms about once a week. Asthma attacks can occur at least two times a week and lasted for several days. At this stage, one will use an asthma medication inhaled short-acting every day. Asthma attacks are not only slow down everyday activities but can actually prevent some of them. PEF reading may vary more than 30%.