Sunglasses Care And FAQs

High-end sunglasses usually come with a cleaning case and cloth. Don't throw it away, even if it seems insignificant. The case protects your new optical glasses for men much better than your bag. The cleaning cloth wipes sweat and dust from your lens with the least chance of scratching it. You can also look for lens cleaning solutions or wipes to keep your lenses clean and scratch-free.

Frequently asked questions about sunglasses:

Are mirror glasses better?

It depends on your perspective. If you want to hide your eyes like the medieval Chinese invented sunglasses, mirror glasses are definitely the way to go. For reduced glare or UV protection, these lenses do not offer any added protection against tinted lenses.

How about gradient lenses?

They have a lot of colour in the top half and less (sometimes no) colour on the bottom half of the lens. If your activities vary and you need a clear view with eye protection, this can be a useful alternative.

What about prescription sunglasses?

Some cost a lot more than other prescription glasses, but if you don't like new clips or sunglasses over glasses, this is the way to go. If you don't like trading back and forth every time you walk in through the door, photochromic lenses have a coating that darkens in bright light and is clearer again in dim light.