Primed and Ready

Welcome to Stamford

There are many reasons why major corporations call Stamford home. Stamford’s uniqueness and diversity have flourished and expanded continuously for decades. More recently, a dramatic influx of young, educated, and talented people seeking a better lifestyle than that of our larger neighbors, New York and Boston, have relocated here.

These young residents have caused a shift in the way Stamford is being presented to the world: Stamford is a technology and digital media-focused city that understands the value of innovation and free-thinking individuals. These creative minds are driving the future of our city, and our world, and we openly embrace them. MAYOR’S LETTER

Choose Stamford

Stamford is a magnet for people from all walks of life; from tech-savvy coders to innovative chefs to creative thinkers and more! With corporate parks surrounded by lush green forests, luxury office buildings overlooking the picturesque Long Island Sound and expansive, convenient offices every company can find the space they want.

When work is over, Stamford’s many amenities and activities mean you won’t have to look far to eat, unwind, or crash for the evening. We have options for you from downtown to the water to the woods depending on your preference. MORE…


Campus Map

Interactive map of proposed Amazon campus, including surrounding amenities.

Campus Appendix

Details of building and development parcels proposed for the Amazon campus.


Information about our Sustainability efforts including our 2030 District participation.