Stacking Chairs Are The Most Practical Choice

Bar stools and benches may be popular choices for traditional pubs, but the benefits of stacking chairs make them a much more practical choice for your furniture. Whilst stools generally need to be placed on tables and benches generally remain in the way, stacking chairs are far easier to deal with.

Stackable chairs are particularly useful if you host events or play music in your pub or premises. Because they allow you to save space by storing them vertically, you can stock a large reserve of seating in a small space. You can also buy good quality aluminum stacking chairs in Toronto for an outdoor garden.

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This means that if you experience much greater business on match days or on a seasonal basis, you can offer more seating depending on your needs without having to sacrifice a large amount of room. Similarly, you can also easily pack them away if you need to clear space for a dance floor, performance area or buffet table.

Stackable chairs can be piled into a corner rather than placed on tables when the time comes to clean the floor. This can save you a great deal of time generally as well as letting you clear as much as possible during lock-ins.