Role Of Different Forms Of Early Education

Early childhood education plays an important role in the development of various skills in children. Different game concepts or pre-kindergarten, daycare, kindergarten is the beginning of education in the life of a child before starting their proper schooling to class 1.

The structure of the early education system varies in most high-kindergartens in Holland. To find the information about early education school in Holland visit

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While playing school or nursery is to learn to play, using nursery school children in reading writing. On the other hand, kindergarten comes after nursery, where children are prepared for their next school years.

Preschool or playschools

Previously, these types of schools acted as a waiting place for children before they start their school year, however, the concept of this type of school has changed over time. As is the first place where a child learns to interact with other children their age and adults outside their family, playschool plays an important role in the development of social skills in children.

Nursery schools

After spending almost a year in play schools and getting used to other children their age and adults outside the family, children are enrolled in kindergartens. The concept of the kindergarten varies by different institutions.

While some of the best that the pre-kindergarten school branches, nursery education introduced in their school, other larger schools have developed a structure of maternal education or kindergarten followed by primary, middle secondary, and upper.