Picking The Perfect Pillow

Finding your favorite new pillow is pretty easy if you know some basics first.

Buying a comfy back pillow  isn't as simple as just grabbing one from the sale bin at your local department store! If you've had a sore neck, or back..or have had headaches when you wake up then there's a chance the pillow you've been using needs to be replaced with a quickness!

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They do wear out, get lumpy and uncomfy. So where do you start when shopping for that new pillow of yours? Let's look at what makes one so different from another and why some kinds seem to me more popular:

First, consider the size of pillow you want. They're available in standard, Euro, king and queen with smaller pillows being available for youngsters.

Some folks think that they need to have a king sized pillow for a king sized bed, and so on with the different sized beds- which really isn't the case! Just worry about what helps you sleep better and use your oversized decorative pillows on the bed when you're not in it. =)

The whole purpose of pillows is to support your head and neck in proper alignment with your spine. The natural position of the neck includes a natural curve, and maintaining this curve when resting is important.

Pillows that are too high when on your back or side causes the neck to bend unnaturally- and the result is muscle stress and strain in the neck and shoulders.

If the height of the pillow or pillows is too low, the neck muscles will strain from this as well. Generally speaking, the pillow or pillows should maintain a height of about four to six inches for proper head and neck support.

So look for a pillow that will comfortablly take up the space between your shoulders and neck while laying down in your favorite sleeping position..and you'll do fine.

If you like to sleep on your back, you should choose a flatter option that keeps your spine and neck aligned properly.