Overview Of Low Loader Trailer

Low loader trailers have become a general term in the heavy haul industry to describe a complete range of low loader trailers. 

Low loader trailer is also known as semi-low platform, step frame, grid trailer, or machine carrier. You can also look for the best low loader trailers through various online sources.

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The lower deck and smaller wheels of this type of trailer provide a lower deck than a standard flatbed trailer. This means that the vehicle can be steered directly to the deck via a hydraulic or movable line. 

Standard flatbed/dropside trailers should be loaded onto bunk beds, forklifts, or cranes. This trailer is often referred to as a "low loader" because it is lower than the trailer that a particular operator uses. But they are not the lowest. 

This trailer has a detachable neck (also known as an interchangeable neck) to allow heavy loads or vegetation to move at the lowest possible height. 

With a low loader, high loads can also be transported closer to the ground, which offers additional space on the bridge compared to other trailers.

A low load trailer (or low load trailer) is a designation for a trailer whose main deck height is lower than the rear wheel height of the trailer. 

The low load trailer deck consists of two stages: one from the upper deck above the fifth wheels and the other from the rear deck above the trailer wheels.

The lower deck of our three-axle low loader measures 420 mm and is suitable for loads up to 50 tons. Low loaders are usually designed with double girders and a movable floor section so that the load can be between the girders.