Optical Smoke Alarms Versus Ionisation Smoke Alarms

The security of your home or place of work is very important. Smoke alarms are created to warn you if a fire breaks out. You can choose between optical or ionization detector alarm? In this article we will explore the differences. You can get to know more about best smoke alarms in Australia via https://fire-one.com.au/collections/accessories.

Optical Alarm

Type fire alarm uses light technology to detect smoke. Inside this alarm, there is a small light emitting diode or LED. This light shines a little thin beam of infrared light to the sensor.

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If small particles of smoke disturb infrared rays read by the sensor voltage will drop and the alarm will sound. The best types of smoke alarms where the threat of burning, heavy smoke is present.

The ionization alarms

Fire alarm type employs a completely different technology to detect smoke particles in the air. Type smoke detector has about one milligram of radioactive metal in it, which has been scientifically proven safe for humans. The sensor part of the smoke alarm is called ionization.

Which one is better?

Ionization smoke detector can detect fires faster than optical alarm because of differences in technology. However, the type of ion detector is very sensitive and can cause more false alarms than their optical counterparts.

Many manufacturers are starting to stop production of ion smoke detectors for major advances in optical smoke detection technology. Those who continue to produce both ionic and optical smoke alarm is usually outside their home in the same casing.

The only real way to determine what type of detector you purchase is to read the packaging that came with your smoke detectors. ionization detector more sensitive, and expensive, while the optical smoke detector is cheaper but less sensitive.