Making Communication Effective Using Technology

Everybody wants to be able to communicate with their friends, family members, colleagues, followers, and acquaintances at all times. This can be done either by phone or via e-mails, texts messages, social media like Skype, chat, Telegram, Facebook, and text messages.

As per our preference, the mode of communication can be either electronic, personal, or written. The mode of interaction may be completely under our control at times. But, who we talk to could be totally controlled by others. 

Our organization, our friends, our children, our profession, or our personal needs could all be governed by others. This means that our conversations could be informal or formal, casual or professional, or friendly. You can also communicate with your friends and family members via 

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Although letters, telegrams, and trunk calls have all become obsolete, and postcards, greeting cards, and pagers have been replaced by more efficient media like social media and mobile phones, communication is still essential in our world today and will be an integral part of the new millennium.

Thanks to technology and all its amazing components, communicating has never been easier or faster. Technology has made it possible to communicate with others on a personal as well as professional level over time.

While inventions and innovations are a great way to share ideas with others quickly, they have not made communication more effective or easier. This could be due to too many distractions and assumptions, especially when information is passed through multiple channels or impersonal sources.