Know About Moonstone As A Gemstone

Moonstone is a type of oligoclase crystal and belongs to the feldspar family of minerals. Some people also refer to oligoclasts as sunstones and can be found in colors ranging from yellow to orange. 

Best moonstone birthstone at usually come in a variety of colors, including green and light yellow or blue, and are often translucent or colorless with a striking blue or white tinge. It is a relatively soft rock and can easily be scratched if the user is not careful. 

Cleaning usually only requires mild soap and water. Do not use harsh detergents and abrasives so as not to hit the rock surface. Synthetic stones are available in the market and care must be taken when looking for real oligoclasts. Genuine high-quality moonstones are not often used as jewelry.

The moonstone is one of the two stones that has been recognized as a birthstone for June and the other is alexandrite. Although not technically a gem, pearls also represent the month of June. Moonstones are associated with the astrological sign of cancer birth.

Many consider moonstone a beloved stone with the ability to evoke great emotions when there are passion and commitment. In some cultures, such as India, the stone is considered blessed or sacred and is said to bring good luck to the wearer. 

In some cultures, the stone is believed to make the wearer invisible, and it is now believed by some New Age communities that the stone gives the wearer a measure of spiritual constancy or even immortality. It is believed that young children and toddlers receive protection from owning these stones.