Keyboard Holders

The keyboard is usually on the table or on the keyboard tray, but most are “flat”. Flat keyboard design is, in the end, feel uncomfortable for your hands and becomes painful to write. To resolve this problem, office product designers are served with solutions that drastically reduce stress on the wall. That solution is keyboard support.

These trays are easily purchased online and can find various styles, shapes, and colors, as well as better prices compared to local shops. If you are thinking of purchasing keyboard trays in Singapore, do visit for more information. 

Keyboard Tray for Freedom One eLift Lectern | Keyboard Trays | Spectrum IndustriesImage Source: Google

Typical support basically has a customized tray that can be adjusted depending on support or height. When the compartment is adjusted to the height of the hand, the writing becomes more comfortable and less stressful.

But it does not end up offering diverse users and varying solutions. There is a lot of computer keyboard support that can be purchased. You can choose between simple and customizable compartments, sitting keyboard compartments, corner keyboards, keyboard mouse compartments. 

Each offers different health benefits and can be chosen according to its table style. This compartment is generally designed for traditional keyboards, but there are also special solutions for users who use custom wave keyboards. This is called an ergonomic keyboard specifically designed with a pivot for a contoured keyboard.

In this situation, the keyboard tray can adjust the angle, height, and support. In this way, when you change your sitting position, you can adjust the tablet and make it more comfortable on your wrist.