Is Marijuana Good For Your Health?

Yes,  medical marijuana is good for your health. There is currently a growing interest in the use of medical marijuana to treat cancer, menstrual cramps, and migraines. People who would not be caught dead with marijuana are now attracted to medical marijuana because it can save their lives.

Medical professionals around the world have used cannabis to treat a wide variety of ailments for thousands of years. Modern men are reluctant to begin to realize that medical marijuana can help treat and cure many ailments. If you are looking for marijuana for medical purposes and want the fastest marijuana delivery service visit

The earliest use

Cannabis has been used for more than 5,000 years for its healing properties. The most initial documented use is in China. In 2000 BC Doctors in Egypt prescribed marijuana for eye problems. In India, in 1000 BC Cannabis was used as an anaesthetic and anti-inflammatory, and Hoa-Tho, a 2nd-century Chinese physician,

Modern use

Today, Ayer cannabis is used in many parts of India, and particularly in Vedic medicine, to treat various ailments. It is also used as a sedative, analgesic, antihemorrhoidal, and antispasmodic.

One might conclude that cannabis is only used in "underdeveloped" Asian countries with no knowledge of modern medical practice, but that would be wrong. Napoleon's soldiers used it to treat burns, both as a sedative and as a pain reliever.

In the United States, in 1961, the National Institute of Mental Health conducted a study showing that marijuana can be used as a sedative and hypnotic for anxiety, and has antibiotic properties for epilepsy, infant cramps, treatment of tetanus, rabies seizures, treatment of depression.