How To Straighten Your Hair Without Damaging It?

It's no secret that straightening damages the hair. This is for a very simple reason: healthy hair is perfectly hydrated hair. However, when they are smoothed, they are wedged between two hot plates, which dry them out. The hair is, therefore, dehydrated and weakened. Fortunately, brands are in a constant quest for innovation and current technologies allow them to work wonders. Straightening your hair without damaging it is a real challenge, but there are many solutions available to keep your hair healthy. But, if you want those solutions to work, then make sure you buy the best hair straightener consumer reports.

Carry out regular care

Haircare is the basics of hairdressing. For hair full of vitality, it must be nourished. Thus, carry out treatments 2 to 3 times a week. You will need to leave them on for at least 20 minutes each time. If you can sleep in them and only rinse them off in the morning, that's even better. The treatments are applied to towel-dried (damp) hair, from the tips to the roots. You can perform a head massage with it to make it penetrate.

Do not straighten your hair every day with a straightener

Hair straighteners are very effective; however, they are the most aggressive straightening method. If you really don't like your natural hair, we recommend straightening your hair once after washing and thoroughly drying it. Then, for touch-ups, use a straightening brush. Indeed, the straightening brush does not wedge the hair between 2 hot plates. It is ideal for a more natural smoothening and for retouching.

Straighten your hair without damaging it with a steam straightener

Another alternative to the aggressiveness of the straightening iron, the steam straightener. Indeed, like this type of straightener that smooths thanks to the water vapor, the hair is not burnt. On the contrary, they are even hydrated! So there are many advantages to using a steam straightener. However, it should also be taken into account that these straighteners are bulkier. The iron works with a steam generator, which takes up space. It is therefore a device suitable for domestic use, and it is better to provide another iron for your travels. For smaller budgets and for a more practical device, you need to find the compact steam straightener you need!