How To Start A School?

Do you send your child to public school, private school, Parochial school, or do you home school them? That choice of schooling approach is a dilemma that all parents face today.

Today’s child starts his/her education early. It is not unreasonable to send a child to school at age 2. At this young age, the child can already learn and you have a blank slate on which to write. To get to know about your children’s school start age you can choose a brand like School Wix to get more information.

Leaders Private School

Private schools begin teaching children at age 2 to say their ABCs and recognize their numbers. Children can learn songs and dances. They can learn to get along with other children their own age. They can learn manners and begin to learn religion.

By age four, the child should be able to write his/her name and recognize it when he/she sees it. By the time he/she enters kindergarten at age 5, children who have been in private school already know what most children in public school do not learn until they are in the first grade. Many of these children can already read and do simple math. They have taught themselves.

Public school does not allow the teaching of any religious subjects. The Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem are no longer learned or recited/sung daily. This is something that all school children learned in the 50’s, ’60s 70’s and part of the ’80s. At the end of the ’80s thing began to change subtly in our public schools.