How To Choose The Best Watch Winder

The hours are different from each other. They have different designs and mechanisms. You should understand that some watches are battery-powered while others work based on wrist movements.

If you have a lot of automatic watches, you will need a winding watch. You can find the best watch winder (In the Norwegian language “beste watch winder”).

beste watch winder

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Here are some tips to help you choose the method that works best for you.

Determine your needs:

Keep in mind that the only time you need to turn the clock is if you have an automatic watch that you sometimes don't wear. This is to prevent the watch from stopping and thereby keep it running even when you are not wearing it.

Choose the amount:

Which watch winder you buy depends on the number of automatic watches you have. Remember that you have to take into account the number of watches you need to equip. You have to buy one to match your automatic watch.

Determine the movement:

It should mimic the movement of your wrist. Try to have one that is capable of duplicating your wrist movement. Keep in mind that there are cheap coils on the market that are not as effective as others. Don't compromise on device quality.


One of the most important considerations to consider is equipment design. We recommend that you choose a closed case to protect your watch from harsh environments.

A watch winder is an essential tool to have if you have multiple automatic watches to keep them functioning at all times.