How To Build Your Custom House In Vail, Colorado?

There are lots of elements that have to be taken into consideration when building a house, plus a custom house is no exception. No custom house dwelling is 100% modular, and consequently, pricing quotes may differ from builder to builder.

Below nevertheless, is a listing of variables that will probably stay unchanged if you construct a custom house or a conventional stick-built house. Site prep will normally be priced equally for every kind of construction. When the site work and base have been finished, the rest of the work (i.e. the home itself) is known as the sill-plate up. You can choose custom home builders in vail colorado via

Vail, Colorado

Site Clearing

Clearing your lot of trees is one of the very first steps that need to be taken when building a new home. Depending on what kind of trees you have and how many there are, these costs can add up.

However, there will rarely be a difference between the site clearing necessary done for a custom home as opposed to s stick-built home. They both will take up the same amount of space. For example, a 4,000 sq ft home will require the same amount of clearing for both types of construction.


Excavation and site grading is one of the most variable pricing aspects to consider when building a home. This is because there are many factors that go into preparing a lot for a foundation. and therefore the cost can difference can be dramatic.