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Balcony is a flat roof space available at adjacent to the room. After installing balcony you feel more comfortable. Before you install balcony you do not need planning permission and the roof is strong enough to withstand the weight of people, and the plant floor.

Consult a structural engineer who will advise on the necessary load bearing support and the exact height of the walls. Many new buildings are built using rood-terrace in mind and had steel beams in place under the flat roof. You can find best balcony price via http://balkongbygg.no/balkong/ (which is also called finne beste balkongpris via http://balkongbygg.no/balkong/ in the Norwegian language).

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Balcony is a floor area and requires a high enclosing wall. For the industry view, choose a metal mesh, stainless steel bar or cable tensioned. For a beautiful, more conventional finish, painted tongue-and-groove, willow panels bamboo fence or trellis covered creeper, working with small trees and plants in a giant tub, which is interesting.

You can add intelligent lighting like string Chinese lanterns, spotlights plants or candles in hurricane lanterns in balcony to keep the romantic mood at night. Many companies specializing in garden design small, bespoke city garden and roof terrace. Although they are not inexpensive, the extra space you get back outdoors will be worth the cost, so think about booking a consultation.

Do you have a balcony, roof terrace, deck or a specific trait the front porch; choose furniture that is dedicated to the space.

These days, garden furniture comes in almost many style options such as interior pieces, both in weather-resistant hardwoods such as teak, or a high-tech synthetic material that is resistant to rain, cold and sun damage. Do a deep research to find best balcony for your home.