Federal Criminal Records-Let The Best Website To Do!

Let me inform you, before you begin, that juveniles cannot have criminal records. The steps below are for all others. Before you do any of these steps, ask the person you will contact if the records are FEDERAL. 

They are difficult to obtain for an individual so it is likely that you will need to get them as a legal entity. 

1. Get to know from the state criminal identification records:


Call your State Attorney General's Office to do this. Ask them for information about how to obtain a criminal record in that state after you have called. The Freedom of Information Act requires that criminal court records are made available to the public.

2. USe Search Engine

You can accomplish this by doing the following: Go to Google and type: "insert-name-of-the-state-here criminal records." You could type, for example, "Texas criminal record". Look at the results. There will be many sites.

Take a look at sites that end with.gov/.us. These are government websites. Sites that end with.com are often commercial sites. There's a possibility the results weren't obtained through government sources.

Click only on results that end with.gov/.us. You will see instructions and search engines that can help you locate criminal records online.

3. Go To The Courthouse

This step is only applicable if you are familiar with the country in which the case was filed.

4. Use a reputable service

Many services offer criminal background checks, but they are not reliable. There are reliable and trustworthy services that can conduct the entire search on your behalf at both the state and national levels.