Features That Make Office 365 Unique

Office 365 can be much more than an email service when you select the appropriate Office 365 subscription plan. In the business world improving productivity and collaboration within the workplace is crucial to facilitate and be more efficient for workers to collaborate. If you want to get a backup for agency 365, you can browse various sources online.

However, many companies remain on the standard plans offered by Office 365, which restrict users from using the latest features. 

To ensure that you're aware of all features and make the most out of your Office 365 subscription, we have provided here a few specific features which are what makes Office 365 unique:

1. Create presentations with Sway

It's about time to move from the old-fashioned PowerPoint and begin using Sway to make presentations. It's an amazing option that lets you make announcements, newsletters, and press releases. 

2. Make plans for everything using Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner is yet another major aspect in Office 365 that enables users to manage their projects by establishing an outline, adding the team members, assigning work, and changing the status. 

3. Yammer

Every business needs a single virtual place where all employees can communicate, share and monitor the activities of each other. Yammer serves as a virtual location that helps to make work easier for employees and the business. 

However, it's not just a location, it comes with many features such as Skype for Business, Outlook as well as OneDrive for Business. The four features mentioned above are believed as the most recent enhancement of Office 365. 

However, each of these features can be accessed when you have a professional Office 365 subscription, which means that users with the basic Microsoft Office 365 plan cannot access these options. Make sure that your organization has a professional Office 365 subscription.