Fabulous Portable Folding Privacy Screens

Screens are the most decorative way to divide a room. There are a variety of options to choose from and they are lightweight and easy to move, rearrange and reuse.

Building materials for screens range from traditional Japanese paper mounted on bamboo to cloth, woven plant fibers, plastic, glass, metal, wood or leather mounted on a wooden or metal frame. 

Creatives can find blank screens to draw, paint, rotate, and create collages. For more details you can visit https://www.silentiascreens.com/.

Screens are not only suitable for home use. They can be used in service, hospitality and gastronomy establishments to create private enclosures for guests, in small shops and businesses to mark public and private areas and to direct light footwork. 

They can also be used in school libraries to create separate prefabricated areas for children.

Because it is freestanding and lightweight, screens are not the most stable room divider. Careful placement, away from crowds and areas of high activity, will keep it upright and in good condition.

It's important to check the different manufacturers and styles of panels – there are many – when you are ready to divide the space. Take into account the length of the panels as well as their height, taking into account the doors and storage areas where you need to maneuver. 

The portable panels roll on wheels and open like an accordion to take on a variety of linear shapes. Most are made of vinyl-coated fabric or steel, but there are also wood panels and double load panels that contain shelves and cabinets.