Essential Oils – Why Do We Need Them

Essential oils are plant extracts, (from flowers, roots, seeds, etc.) which contains the essence of the plant – a substance with high therapeutic potential. Almost all of the active substance in the plant extract. The Organic essential oils, if it used properly, can greatly improve the quality of our lives.

They are best used as a measure of preventive health care and they can help in almost all areas: Immune Boost, protect from germs, improves digestion, helps to relax, relieve stress and tension, help to focus, relax muscles, improve sleep, balance hormones and emotions, detoxifying our bodies, etc. They have different healing properties and it is important to know what these properties to use them properly.

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Sometimes, if not used properly, essential oils can be harmful. Some of them are very volatile and they will disappear in a few minutes in an open environment, some more stable. Some essential oils are toxic in higher amounts so you want to make sure you respect the right dose.

Studies related to the use of aromatherapy and essential oils called the Alternative Medicine. Aromatherapy but not recognized as a branch of medicine in North America. On the other hand, in France essential oil recipes are arranged and Aromatherapy is part of conventional medicine.