Different Classifications Of Glass Tiles

Tile glasses are cut-off glass pieces to various shapes and sizes. This is made by hand or produced at the factory. They are preferred by people because they can be easily cleaned with water and soap or with glass cleaners. Glasses are great light reflectors, which make them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms that need bright.

Various types of glass tiles

There are four types of ‘Glass raised access tiles’ (also known as ‘แก้วยกกระเบื้องเข้าถึง‘ in the Thai language) that are most common in the industry. The four kinds of tiles fused, smalti, thrown and slumped.

Glacier Grey Glass Herringbone Mosaic Tiles | Mandarin Stone

Confused – it is a type that is generally produced in large factories. They are produced as flats and are clear, and are usually cut into tiles and then fired.

Cast – this is another type made by filling the mold with glass pieces, mold with glasses in it then heated in the right temperature until the glasses wrap by forming glass tiles.

Smalti – this is small and usually made of silica, sodium carbonate, potassium carbonate, metal and oxide to create colors. The process of making it involves playing it well, firing it to a certain temperature and then cut it by hand.

Slump – this type is very unique. Unlike the usual type, which is square and decreases, this is usually curved and this can be achieved by melting glasses into mold while firing it at low temperatures. When the glass cools, slowly curved down slowly taking it.


Previously, tiles were made of “fresh” products, but with the introduction of new technology today, producers can now produce tiles from recycled products. Make glass tiles or other products from recycled material using less energy. Made of recycled material is usually made of bottles, windshields, glass tables and other glasses.

Handmade tiles are also very popular and produced by small manufacturing companies throughout the world. What’s great about small tiles is that they can be used to make mosaics.

Installing glass tiles is very different from installing ceramic tiles; This is because their properties become glass versus clay. Glass is known to be rigid on the property, so it makes it very durable. Apart from durability, mere beauty and glass elegance are what really raises the best in any house, both in the kitchen, dining room or anywhere suitable tiles.