Different Aluminum Products for Houses

Aluminum is the second largest used metal in the world, mainly due to its lightweight, high strength and recyclability. Aluminum designs have become a perfect choice for homes that have modern living style concepts.

It gives a particular effect on the appearance of any building. This material has various properties that enhance its usage and productivity, when used in a variety of domains, like in the home, in transport, in industry and commerce.

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The aluminum products are non-toxic, fireproof, lightweight, water-resistant, 100% recyclable and are naturally anodized. Due to these properties, aluminum is frequently used in cladding, windows, skylights, door frames, and roofing.

Residential buildings made with aluminum are virtually maintenance-free due to the strength of aluminum's corrosion resistance. Windows made by aluminum extrusion and fabrication are attractive, energy-efficient and reliable.

Aluminum has a huge number of uses for houses because of its strength and low weight and is a practical choice for homes because it is durability, fireproof properties and is weatherproof. Insulated aluminum cladding keeps homes warm in winters, and cool in summers.

Aluminum siding panels are lightweight, easy to install and protect the exterior wall of your home from damage from external forces such as snow, rain and intense sunlight.

Minor damages can easily be repaired by sanding, reshaping and repainting the surface. Aluminum welding is a simple do-it-yourself task, as the metal is extremely versatile and it can be curved, tapered, welded, bonded and cut to any shape to be used for certain jobs around the house.

It is commonly used in the roof construction of houses due to its strength against corrosion, which helps in weathering the influence of pollutants in the atmosphere.