Decorating With Wall Art

If you're thinking that decorating with wall art is limited to hanging pictures on that vertical space, think again. Check out these tips and tricks that might be "just the ticket" inspiration to completing your wall decorating project. The truth is you can hang just about anything that compliments your design scheme (as long as it can be hung securely).

If you have a large wall but you don't really feel like hanging 1 huge piece of art. The Decorating trick is to create a grouping of smaller works. This gives that space the appearance of a larger picture. You can also buy the best wall decor paintings through various online stores.

Provide a visual link to give your pictures continuity by using a similar frame around each one or having variations of the same subject matter displayed. If your room is more of a formal setting, hang your wall art using precise measurements of spacing and distance.


Create your own works of art With today's easy to use digital cameras. With the assistance of a walk in photo print shop or online art supply site you can download your favorite photo, size it, print it and frame it. It's personal art on display! The options of printing on canvas or paper expands your creativity even more.

Another fantastic resource is a quality fabric store that offers a wide variety of quilting and home decor fabrics and wallpaper prints. There are perfect fabrics to simply cut, stretch and frame. Buy a cheap canvas and wrap them around the back and then staple your fabric to create a fresh wall art piece for pennies on the dollar. Match a print from the sofa or window treatments to create a nice flow throughout the room.